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Best Soldering Irons For Electronics

Soldering iron is a vital tool when it comes to repairing electronic circuits. This tool comes in very handy and the precautions needed to use it are also not very complex.

To assist you with this, we have a buyer’s guide listing down all the features along with pros and cons. We also have for you our top fifteen picks.

Buyer’s Guide:

There are dozens of soldering iron available out there and choosing the best one for you can be a difficult task.

To help you with this we have for you a buyer’s guide listing down all the factors you should be looking for when purchasing one.


It is one of the most essential factors to consider, and one should always make sure that the product being purchased is easy on the pocket and the iron being purchased is worth every penny.


Portability should be considered before purchasing any item as this feature makes the process of working hassle-free and easier.

The tools should always be easy to carry anywhere.

Temperature Variation

It is the second most important thing to be considered, if it has variations of temperature and whether it can be used by professionals or not.

The higher the range and the quicker it gets heated up the best the product.


It is the most significant aspect of purchasing an item so that a buyer is a confidence about the life of an item and if it ever malfunctions it could be exchanged.

Top 15 Soldering Irons For Electronics Reviews

We have shortlisted the best fifteen soldering irons. You can choose the one that best caters to your needs and has all the features covered.

1. Yome Soldering Iron Kit Electronics

This iron comes with a fantastic feature through which the temperature can be controlled and on/off switch both built right into the handle of the soldering iron.

You can reduce the heat with the dial and minimize wear on the soldering iron tips depending upon a buyers’ choice, making it hassle-free.

The desoldering pump (solder sucker) is a high-pressure vacuum tube with an aluminum frame body, which allows easy one-handed operation and makes this appliance portable and easy to carry.


  • The temperature control is at your fingertips
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to use


  • Requires external convertor
  • Not suitable for big appliances

2. Rarlight Soldering Iron Kit

If you want to learn how to solder, then this soldering iron starter kit is perfect to use.

It’s very accessible and compact. It also consists of a non-slip soft rubber handle for maximum comfort and safe soldering.

Another jaw-dropping feature is the soldering iron kit comes with a power switch button and temperature adjustment button so it can be smoothly and efficiently turn on/off to adjust the temperature that a person likely wants.


  • Portable
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to use


  • Low life
  • Heat up issue

3. GLE2016 Electric Soldering Iron Kit

Gle2016 soldering gun is made up of iron plated tip and stainless steel that ensures the quality of the products and makes it reliable and stable enough to use.

It comes along with five pieces that are different soldering iron tips for a variety of basic soldering jobs.

It also consists of non-slip soft rubber handle for maximum comfort and safe soldering.

It is easy to use, so beginners can even think and plan to work with such a tool.


  • Portable
  • High-temperature range
  • Easy to use


  • Allow 5-7 minutes to gain the heat
  • Time-consuming

4. Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit

This package comes with the soldering iron, five solder tips, stand, solder wire tube, anti-Static tweezer, desoldering pump and a durable tool case which can meet all of your soldering project needs.

It consists of the 110V 60W soldering iron that features an advanced ceramic printed heater to heat up to the targeted temperature quickly and consist of a wide range of adjustable temperature  200-450℃ with large venting holes making it much more energy-efficient.


  • Portable storage toolbox
  • Heat up quickly and energy saving


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

5. Handskit Soldering Iron Kit Electronics

This soldering iron kit has many benefits. It comes with soldering iron, solder wire, desoldering pump, solder wick, stand with cleaning sponge, five different soldering tips, three anti-static tweezers, copper wire, magnifier, screwdrivers (electric pen), knife and a PU carry bag to meet all your soldering project necessities.

It heats up quickly and isn’t time-consuming. The temperature can easily be adjusted and has a wide range starting from 200 and ends at 450-degree Celcius.

It’s an impressive feature that is the desoldering pump (solder sucker) is a high-pressure vacuum tube with an aluminium body frame, which allows easy one-handed use.

It comes along with a portable carry bag that protects all the small accessories that come along with the iron.


  • Range of application
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive
  • Not a wood burning tool

6. BAYKA 60W 110-120V Soldering Iron

This BAYKA professional soldering iron comes with an outstanding feature that is ON/OFF switch that is suitable for necessary DIY fixes.

It would be adequate and is easy use for the typical electronics hobbyist, maker, tinkerer, or DIY repairs enthusiast.

The 60W Soldering iron has 9 temperature levels and heats up quickly without any hassle and does not involve  long waiting period (30 seconds from 0℉ to 896℉.)


  • Beginners can also use
  • Portable


  • Heavy on pocket
  • Can only be used for basic work

7. Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit Electronics

It is particularly suitable for a freshman and can be used to practice by a solder professional.

The solder has a very uncomplicated construction that a buyer can press the trigger button with just one hand without many efforts.

The body of the desoldering pump is made of aluminum, which can resistance to heat, corrosion and have good heat dispersion.


  • Portable
  • Tools easy to carry
  • Good for beginners


  • It is not hot enough to burn the wood
  • Expensive

8. Handskit Soldering Iron

This soldering iron kit comes with a with ON/OFF switch, which makes it easier to use to save energy and ensure safe welding.

You just need to turn it off if you don’t want to use it.

The staggering feature of this tool is that it consists of insulating silica gel on the iron that can efficiently protect the iron from being ironed at high temperature or the iron tips dropping on the ground.


  • Heat up Quickly
  • Range of Application
  • Easy to use


  • Durability issues

9. Image Welding Soldering Iron

It has great features such as a high-definition LCD screen display which registers the temperature status more clearly, which is shown in both the units that are the degree Celcius and degree Fahrenheit.

It has a very flexible feature of adjusting the temperature of this soldering iron from 180℃/356℉ to 480℃/896℉.

As a result, it can regulate the temperature more accurately and effectively.


  • Durable
  • Temperature Variation
  • It is not time-consuming


  • Expensive

10. Magneto’s Soldering Iron Kit

This ingenious soldering iron uses patented ceramic-core induction technology, providing the heat and power you need for even the most significant soldering jobs making it the perfect tool for the professionals.

It has a great variety of voltage from 110v to 220v, and a temperature control providing adjustments from 200° to 450°C.


  • Advanced Technology
  • Safe to use
  • It is not time-consuming


  • It isn’t‏’t suitable enough for the beginners
  • Expensive

11. Anbes Soldering Iron Kit Electronics

This superior professional soldering iron has five multiple tips replacements, heat and impacts the resistant design of screw thread, so the iron head is not easy to drop.

It has a flexible feature of adjusting the temperature from 200℃-450℃.

Soldering iron tools is widely used for welding circuit board, appliance repair, home DIY hobbyists, jewellery welding.

The best part of this appliance is that you can take it anywhere, and you will be able to find the tools you need in the carry bag.


  • Portable
  • Can be used by beginners
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy on pocket

12. Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit

The Plusivo Soldering Kit is a set that contains a complete soldering kit that includes standard tools used for soldering including a multimeter.

The kit includes a 60 W Soldering Iron with adjustable temperature which ensures safety like the heat-insulated and anti-scalding silicone handle to protect users from burning, making it a large appliance which such out shown features.


  • It is time-consuming
  • Easy to handle
  • Can be used by beginners


  • Expensive

13. LDK Soldering Iron Kit Electronics

It has a fantastic feature of quickly adjusting the temperature from 200℃-450℃ (392℉to 842℉).

Heats up fast and works great, which makes it an effective instrument to work with without creating a hassle for the buyer.

It has an upgraded heat resistant material, and the steel-pipe along with four ventilation holes on the soldering iron design, helps cool fast.


  • It does not consume time
  • Easy to handle
  • Cheap


  • It only works on 110V

14. Hakko FX601-02 Soldering Iron

The Hakko FX601-02 is the creation of variable temperature-controlled soldering irons.

It is ideal for soldering applications that require versatility or a long extension, such as soldering solar panels, etc.

The extremely lightweight handpiece allows you to solder for long periods without hand fatigue and making the process less tiring and hassle-free.

The soldering iron also features a convenient temperature adjustment dial in the handpiece that allows the user to select their optimal soldering temperature.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Hassle-free


  • Expensive

15. Rarlight 9-in-1 Soldering Kits

This item is pocket-friendly, and this is a lifesaver because you no longer have to worry about setting your soldering iron on your table or other surface and worry about something getting too hot or starting on fire.


  • Cheap
  • Portable
  • Easy to use


  • It only works on 110 V

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of soldering iron should I use for electronics?

Most of the soldering irons used in the electronics are in the range 20 – 60 watts.

Soldering iron with wattage 50W is ubiquitous these days, and it will provide an adequate amount of heat for most of the soldering projects on the circuit boards.

What temperature should soldering iron be for electronics?

The iron temperature should be set for both the component and the solder.

When soldering surface mount components, a small tip and 600F should be adequate to solder the joint well without blistering the component quickly.

If you have a high effect soldering iron, and a large soldering tip that efficiently transfers heat you don’t need that high temperature.

However, if you are using a low effect iron with a small, tiny soldering tip that transfers heat badly, you need a higher temperature maybe you need 400 degrees Celsius.

If you have a huge solder joint, you will need a higher temperature than if you have tiny, small solder joint.

Are cordless soldering irons good?

Cordless irons – these are the right choice when you need the soldering iron to be portable.

However, usually, these aren’t as goods as regular irons.

Do you need flux to solder electronics?

The robust wire can be used, with flux added along with a brush, a bottle dispenser, or a pen dispenser.

Flux core wire solder is generally recommended.

Can you use silver solder for electronics?

Silver alloy solder can be either lead-free or combined with lead.

Silver was initially added to lead alloy solder to prevent an effect known as silver migration.

The silver in a silver plating will leach out into the solder and cause the joints to become brittle and prone to breaking and destruction.

Can you use acid core solder for electronics?

One should never use acid core solder for electronics.

It is intended for plumbing and sheet metal work only, and the acid residue will destroy and ruin the electrical joints.

Is lead-free solder good for electronics?

Lead-free solder should be considered nowadays, which are commercially available because of the health hazards of lead.

It has a higher melting point, so it is a bit harder to work with, but usually not a problem.

Is Rosin the same as flux?

Rosin is a mildly activated flux that is more effective on dirtier surfaces and will leave more residue than ordinary rosin flux.

What is the difference between acid core and rosin core solder?

Rosin and Acid core solders are manufactured with the solder wire as a tube, and the tube contains flux while rosin core wire is typically used in electronics.

Can plumbing solder be used for electronics?

The acid flux in pipes solder differs from electrical solder, which contains rosin flux.

However, that corrosive acid flux will rapidly degrade wiring if pipes solder is inadvisedly used for electronics.


With our detailed product reviews of our top fifteen picks, buyer’s guide and answers to frequently asked questions, we now believe that you are well equipped to choose the perfect iron solder for yourself.

This would make working more easier and guide the beginners as well as the professionals working with it.

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