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Best Tow Straps

Towing your car with a thin piece of rope is not safe and might leave you stranded. However, buying a package of proper tow strap is much better to solve your complex problems.

Many people are unaware of the row strap, due to which they end up using weak straps to tow a heavy-weight car.

Below are the 15 best tow straps reviewed to assist you with a wiser decision. Refer below to enhance your preference.

Before spending on towing straps, consider the following factors discussed below:

Recovery Strap v/s Tow Strap

There are major differences that should be considered between these two types of straps.

Most heavy-duty vehicles require tow straps to retain steerability and protect the jolts from damaging.

Before buying you should consider the factors discussed below:


Tow straps are usually made from dacron for high density with no elasticity. Whereas, nylon is used for recovery straps to give it a high density and elasticity.


Stretching a recovery strap exerts the kinetic energy to move the immobilized vehicle.

These make them much safer than the metallic chains that are more dangerous if they lose the connection. Whereas, the stretch in a tow strap is designed to increase the jolt.


The optimum length is required if you are using tow strap for activities such as wake-boarding.

Before purchasing the towing straps, you should know the usage of it. If you are buying it for rescuing a disabled vehicle then the length factor is not an issue.

Weather Resistance:

Some external elements can damage the tow strap and deteriorate its durability.

Thus, always opt for the one that is weather resistant. So, it can handle external elements such as sand and snow.

Top 15 Tow Straps Reviews

1. Rhino USA Tree Saver Tow Strap 3″x8′

The Rhino USA is one of the popular straps across the US to tow the heavy-duty cars that has triple reinforced loop ends.

It is strong enough to tow heavy cars up to 31, 518 lbs and it is proven in the test. Thus, it is verified by a well-known lab.

The package includes a drawstring bag that keeps the strap rolled up to give it compact size.

Due to this feature, you can store it in any small place- whether under your seat or back in the car.

The toughness in a rope is maintained by the strong poly or silk webbing material.


  • High-value performance
  • Sleeves attached to protect you


  • Expensive

2. Hardware Factory Store HFS

This would save your time along with a smooth journey ahead. The hooks have two safety clips attached to them, so the tow does not break.

The strap measures up to 30ft, so you would have excessive slack to get your vehicle down the hill.

The material used for this strap is high-quality polyester that is 2-inch x 30 feet. It can hold up 10,000 lb vehicle.

It is safe to tow stuck vehicle in a pit and accommodates for friction. The load limit in a vehicle should be around 3000lb to meet the standard of safety rating industry.

It includes two forged safety hooks along with retaining clips that are coated with ZNIC finish to offer three times more corrosion resistance than any other strap.


  • Highly rated break strength
  • Safety hooks
  • Weather resistant


  • Expensive

3. TGL Tow Strap 30,000 Pound Capacity

The high-quality yellow strap assists to pull heavy vehicles as it is made from heavy-duty polyester material for maximum strength.

It measures up to 3-inch-wide and 8-inch-long that can be used for tough vehicles and has durability in long-run.

The TGL strap comprises a wear bar in the center of the strap to mark it as an indicator when the bar is not visible.

For your safety and to prevent the vehicle from any damage, the strap is tested under the standards of CE and TUV.


  • Variety of uses
  • Reinforced loops
  • Durable


  • Compact in length

4. Neiko 51005A Heavy Duty Tow Strap

This strap is made from premium polyester webbing and is equipped with safety hooks to tow the heavy-duty vehicles — the strap measures 2 inches by 20 feet.

The strap can hold the vehicle with maximum capacity of 10,000 lb to tow in the case of emergencies.

The yellow strap is with high visibility that works in any climates– from warm to cool weather.

This makes the strap mildew resistant, protects from the rain, snow-proof and anti-ultraviolet.

The material would not stretch from its original size. This adds durability that comes from a classic woven pattern which prevents the edges of a strap from wear and tear.


  • Weather resistant
  • Heat-treated straps
  • Has buckles


  • 10,000 lb capacity

5. Keeper Original Version 36 x 2 Inch

Webbing and webbing designs are considered as significant organs of the tow strap. Thus, the material provides the maximum strength and supports your vehicle to move from one place to another.

A ratchet handle fails at 13.00 lbs whereas the hook fails at 10,000 pounds and breaks the webbing at 12,000 pounds.

Some people consider webbing less important while webbing in a strap makes a big difference.

Due to this, tie-down manufacturers are supposed to certify the rated capacity to give the surety for the working load of each product.

Thus, to obtain full 10,000 lbs capacity for a striped webbing with 12,000 lbs break strength is used only due to sewing efficiency loss.


  • Premium polyester
  • High-value performance
  • Designed with break-strength


  • 10,000 lb capacity

6. Steadymate 15543 Tow Strap

It is one of the strongest tow straps which is indisputable. Its pull capacity is designed to recover the disabled or stuck vehicle, so you don’t have to face problems while you are on your journey.

The webbing is made from durable material that includes a snap hook at the end of the straps that does not come off when you are towing the car.

The tow strap measures to be 1 inch wide and 15 feet long web to give you the safe pulling for your vehicle.

It is regulated by DOT including the versatile soft loops so not to damage your vehicle’s paint and chrome.

The strap has spring loaded snap hook to lock into steel D ring for greater safety.


  • Regulated by DOT
  • Durable
  • Soft loops


  • Less working load capacity

7. 3″, 20′ Tow Strap, 30,000 Pound Capacity

The TGL strap comprises a wear bar in between of the strap to so it can be used as an indicator when the bar is not visible in low lights.

The package comprises of reusable 3” 20” strap which allows you to fold your strap in a compact size to fit in the storage.

The reusable strap allows for cleaning and quick-drying if it gets covered with the dirt and grease of a vehicle.

The strap is made from commercial high grade with heavy-duty polyester for maximum strength. It can hold vehicle with 30,000 lb. It is made from polyester which gives it the strength, as well as UV resistance.

The strap is tested under the standards of CE and TUV to give you the guaranteed safety.


  • Weather resistant
  • Reinforced loops
  • Water-proof


  • 30,000 lb capacity

8. SmartStraps 14-Foot Ratchet Straps

The smart strap is safe for heavy-duty vehicles that can hold break strength of 5,000lbs and a load capacity of 1,667lbs that is equivalent to ⅓ of break strength.

You can trust your investment on this strap for heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors and other commercial cargos.

You can fold the strap into contract size that could be stored in any small place. The Smartstraps come in an innovative and reusable Eco-case for organized storage.

Since protective hex of the strap helps keep the ratchet mechanism clean and protects it from the grease of cargo.

Further, the strap has an extra grip which is made from aluminum.


  • Waterproof
  • Tie-down webbing
  • Padded grip


  • 1,667 lb of load capacity

9. Rocket Straps – 3″ x 30′ Heavy Duty

This rocket strap is suitable for all heavy-duty vehicles that can that can tow working capacity of 10,000 lbs along with breaking strength of 30,000 lbs making it reliable.

It would ease you to recover your vehicle that is in tough situations such as mud, sand or snow.

The strap is 30 inches long that provides the users with additional length. This ensures the safety of your vehicle while towing.

The rocket strap is made with higher grade polyester material which is weather and UV resistant.


  • Reinforced padded loops
  • Various uses
  • Ultra-flexible


  • Not a heavy duty option

10. USWAY GEAR Tow Strap

If you love sports or you need to tow your vehicle, then USWAY GEAR is a perfect strap! It measures 3×30 inches which is a compact size and light in weight.

The loops at the end of the strap are extra padded so to absorb tension between connection points without causing any damage to your vehicle.

The strap is extremely versatile with its portable design. It performs multipurpose tasks.

You can even use it to remove a stump or a tree rather than only cars. No matter what the weather is, the rope will assist you.


  • Re-usable
  • Durable
  • Weather resistant


  • Shackles sold separately

11. Sparco 01612RS Red Tow Strap

This one of the best heavy duty tow straps are made from premium quality nylon. This would help you to tow your race car.

It has the capability of holding 1800 kg or 4000lbs. So, whether your vehicle got stuck in the middle of the rugged hills or damp forests, the strap would not deceive you.


  • Premium quality nylon
  • Durable
  • Sturdy


  • Only one size available

12. Stryder UX500-02A Retractable Straps

The Stryder is a ratchet tie down strap that can support heavy-duty vehicles, protected in a self-contained system.

The strap can hold the working load of 500 lb and 1500 lb break strength. The propriety arachnid webbing offers high visibility.

It is attached with interlocking connectors on each part of the housing with other Stryder UX strap, allowing various straps to be joined together.

It is featured with lockable retraction system that prevents from any accidents like unwinding.

It also keeps the loose ends tight to ensure with the safety.


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Versatile holding loops


  • Soft easily torn material

13. Motronic Tow Strap Recovery Kit

This heavy duty recovery strap has a unique design for D-ring shackles. The recovery kit comprises two ¾ inches of D shackle and 7/8 inch safety clip to prevent any accidents like unscrewing.

It is recommended by professionals and is built to avoid any harsh conditions.

The loops at the ends of the strap are padded and reinforced, so your vehicle is protected from any damages. Your vehicle would not have to withstand wear and tear.

You can use this for many other purposes as well. For instance, pulling heavy equipment, haul heavy objects and move large debris.


  • Padded loops
  • Various uses
  • Durable


  • May not last long

14. Mozzbi Recovery Strap

It is one of the best recovery straps that is manufactured from high-quality polyester with a breaking capacity of 9.08T and protective sleeves.

It has the capability of towing any vehicle from a truck to a boat. You can remove the shackles which are detachable and can be used as a rope or a strap.

Buy once but buy the right one! So be ready to chuck off your worries to the rear-view mirror.


  • Used in various applications
  • Durable
  • Waterproof


  • Shackles sold separately

15. 4 Axle Strap Tie Downs Tow Straps

It is a pack of 2” x 24” axle straps with D-rings. Each ratchet strap comprises of two twisted snap hooks to hold the heavy-duty vehicles.

Each strap has a safe working load limit for precaution and to prevent accidents. Each tie-down has a breaking strength of 10,000lbs to give the maximum safety.


  • Has D-rings
  • Durable
  • Padded loops


  • 10,000 lb breaking strength

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tow straps for?

Tow straps are used for towing and not recovery. They are great when used for pulling off the vehicles from a trail.

These are similar to the chains in their applications. Due to its strength and durability, it is used for towing vehicle to any tree.

What are tow straps made of?

Tow straps are made of dacron or polyester. However, these materials do not have greater elasticity and give a stretch of 2 to 5 percent.

The material used for tow straps is usually stretchy and is made from nylon.

What is a tree saver strap?

It is one of the vehicle recovery tools that pulls the truck or any equipment by attaching an anchor to the tree.

The stationary object is used to pull the vehicle along with other tools like D-rings and winches.

What are recovery hooks used for?

Recovery hooks are used to pull the immobilized vehicles. They usually come with hooks at the end of the strap and work best for the heavy-duty vehicles.

They are ideal for those vehicles that can freely move as there it has a little stretch. 

What is recovery winch?

It is designed on the front or rear of vehicles that can be used to pull off the vehicles from a ditch or mud by anchoring it to a tree or any other heavy stable object.

It requires a multi-mount system or mounting kit.

Are recovery straps safe?

Yes, once you follow the instructions and are familiar with how to use it, you will find it very safe.

These cause very low accidents and injuries if compared to chains. The padded loops at the end of each strap ensure the safety.

How much a high-quality tow strap costs?

It depends on the brand and its features. One with great features and well-known brand would cost more.

The best ones cost around $30. However, cheap ones might not be durable and strong to withstand the heavy objects.

Can I use both recovery strap and tow strap at the same time?

It is highly discouraged to do so as both have different functions and work differently. Combining an elastic strap with non-elastic one would result in chaos.

Tow straps are not a better option to tow vehicles as they are similar to chains in their application.

How to determine the durability of the tow strap?

The quality of your maintenance and webbing will let you know the durability.

Low-quality straps get damaged in less than a year. Also, it depends on what brand are you purchasing.


Do you want to have a peaceful journey? Prepare for an emergency kit before starting your journey and keep essentials like tow straps, so you don’t have to face complexities.

For maximum safety and fun, refer to this researched review to guide you on the best towing straps that you should purchase.

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